New Release: HERO Junior RT-1 Charger Adapter

img_20160828_153318-fixed is proud to announce a new release: The HERO Junior RT-1 Charger Adapter in stock and available now in the ReActiveMicro Store!

The HERO Junior RT-1 Charger Adapter is a Power Supply replacement designed by The Charger Adapter replaces the old HERO Junior RT-1 AC Power Supply with a new, modern solution for Robot.

The main advantage of the Adapter is it utilizes a standard 5.5mm (2.1 x 5.5mm) plug for the DC connections. This allows a standard Universal AC to DC Regulated Power Supply to be used unlike the original design.

The AC to DC Power Supply included with the Charger Adapter is 12v at 1 Amp. It accepts universal AC input voltages and frequencies so it can work both domestically and internationally. The 1 Amp rating also means the unit will operate cool and be under less stress which should allow long life.

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