New Store Item: Firmware ROMs And Upgrade GALs


We’re glad to announce the return of the ROM and GAL programming service from ReActiveMicro. Once again the Apple II Community has a dependable source for Firmware ROMs and Upgrade GALs.  Looking to upgrade that old card or motherboard?  We’ve got you covered!

The ROMs and GALs are now for sale in the ReActiveMicro Store.  Some of the current selections are:

Novation AppleCat II Modem Firmware – AE’s TransWarp IIe v1.4 ROM – Apple IIc 04 ROM
AE’s Vulcan Controller v2.0 Gold GS ROM – CMS SCSI II Card ROM v1-3-90 – RAMFactor v1.4 ROM
Custom IIe Video ROM
RAMFast ‘D’ SCSI v3.01F ROM – Rev. C ROM for Apple II SCSI Card – UDC 40-Track Modification ROM

GS-RAM Plus Upgrade GAL – ROM0/1 – GS-RAM Plus Upgrade GAL – ROM3
RAMFactor RF6 “Revision C” can also program any IC with any file you wish.  Contact Support for details.

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