New Stock: Universal PSU Kit for the II, II+, IIe, IIgs, and ///


The Universal PSU Kit is now back in stock!

It’s the perfect solution to protect your Apple from downtime and possible costly repairs due to Power Supply failures by replacing your old PSU with our solution. It’s a very simple to install Kit that replaces your exiting PSU PCB and reuses your existing metal PSU enclosure and DC Output Cable. Being “Universal” it accepts 100-240v AC and can be used Internationally – unlike traditional Apple PSUs.

EVERYONE needs a new Power Supply today! Your old PSU is about 30 years old now. Do you really believe Apple designed it to last that long? Many parts inside your old PSU are just worn out or under sized for modern demands of “maxed-out” systems with lots of cards and drives. Our Wiki explains in-depth all the issues and parts involved, and why recapping isn’t a viable fix or solution. There are also install and review videos, and the Install Guide for your reference.

The Universal PSU Kit is now being offered at the lower price of $95 plus shipping. Bulk deals are also possible with minimum 5 unit orders. Just email Sales for pricing quotes.


In other news:
Phasor v2 testing has had some major breakthroughs and an Alpha board is being laid out for the final round of tests, then off to beta testers and reviewers.  The new board will consist of a modern FPGA in place of the older DIP 6522 VIA and AY-8913 Sound Generators which are becoming increasingly hard to find in working condition and at reasonable prices.

Now that we better understand how Pulse With Modulation (PWM) audio works with FPGAs we will reuse this knowledge to finally tackle the SSI-263 Speech Synthesis project.  The project will consist of emulating the Speech Synthesis IC and creating a pin compatible module users will be able to install in their existing hardware.  No longer will this hard to find IC be, well, hard to find!  We also plan to have a lower price point than actual ICs currently cost.  And as always, the project will be Open Source to help encourage others to work on the project to improve it, and reuse the code in their own designs.

Both projects’ release will be announced as soon as we have more information.  Stay tuned!

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