Authorized Dealer/Partner with Manila Gear and New Store Items

We’re glad to announce a new company has been added to the ReActiveMicro lineup, and big warm welcome to Manila Gear!

ReActiveMicro is now an Authorized Dealer and Partner with Manila Gear in an effort to continue to bring great products to the Apple II Community.  There may even be some collaborative projects in the future between the two hardware designers.

Manila Gear is known for such great projects as the 2soniq and 4soniq Sound Cards, and their IIgs to VGA Adapter.  All of which are now available from the ReActiveMicro Store.  As other Manila Gear projects are released in the future they are planned to also be available from ReActiveMicro.

ReActiveMicro was Manila Gear’s first choice as Authorized Dealer and Partner since they are the most experienced and longest lived Apple II vendor currently active in the Apple II Community.  2017 marks the 12th year since ReActiveMicro has opened its doors for business.  Manila Gear wanted to make sure their current and future products continue to be available to the Community at scale, and ReActiveMicro has a proven track record of being able to ship quickly, resolve support issues, and handle all facets of business logistics.  Partners with ReActiveMicro no longer need to worry about the daily business chores and can go back to doing what they do best – design and project improvement.


New Store Item: The 2soniq Sound Card from Manila Gear.  It gives you two separate channels of sound for your Apple IIgs, instead of the usual one.  To enjoy two channel sound with the 2soniq, you will need two powered speakers (e.g. one set of 2.0 or 2.1 computer speakers setup up as Left and Right). Almost all software written for the Apple IIGS supports at least 2 channel sound.


New Store Item: The 4soniq Sound Card from Manila Gear.  It gives you four separate channels of sound for your Apple IIgs, instead of the usual one.  To enjoy four channel sound with the 4soniq, you will need four powered speakers (e.g. two sets of 2.1 computer speakers setup up as Front Left, Front Right, Surround Left and Surround Right), and the appropriate software.


New Store Item: The Apple IIGS VGA Adapter from Manila Gear.  It connects your IIGS to a VGA monitor that supports 15kHz and takes the composite sync signal from Pin 3 of the Apple IIGS RGB port and sends it to the appropriate pin on the VGA connector. No more jumpers needed on the motherboard!  It also includes a sync separator for monitors that require a vertical sync signal.  If you have an older 15kHz VGA Monitor then this is a very simple and cost effective was to connect it to your IIgs and get EXCELLENT video.


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