New Store Items from Manila Gear: No Slot Clock and Apple IIGS VGA Adapter WITH ENCLOSURE

We’re glad to announce a few new items added to the ReActiveMicro Store from Manila Gear: PRESALE of the No Slot Clock v1.1, and the Apple IIGS VGA Adapter WITH ENCLOSURE.

The PRESALE of the No Slot Clock v1.1 has officially started and is expected to ship about 30 days after the presales closing (estimated shipping July).  When stock arrives the No Slot Clock will be listed full time.  This new version of the No Slot Clock is different from other units as it addresses the issue of “socket stretch”.  “Socket stretch” is when devices are inserted in to IC Sockets with pins larger or thicker than a socket can safely accommodate.  Once the device is removed and the original IC reinstalled the user finds the IC no longer makes good contact with the socket and even easily falls out.  Show your support for Manila Gear and order your No Slot Clock today!


Also new from Manila Gear is an enclosure for their Apple IIGS VGA Adapter.  Now you can help protect your Adapter and not worry about static damage in the coming years.  The Apple IIGS VGA Adapter with enclosure is now available from the ReActiveMicro Store.


In other news: We will also have some more project release announcements shortly, and some old items with new prices. Stay tuned!

And as always, be sure to check out our Wiki for more information on projects or for support. And be sure to subscribe to our news feed to be the first to know about our next release!

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