9316A to 2716 DIP EEPROM Adapter

This is the 9316A to 2716 DIP EEPROM Adapter created by ReActiveMicro.
ReActiveMicro has produced several versions of the 9316A to 2716 DIP EEPROM Adapter over the years, and this is the most current design. As most Apple II or II+ owners already know, the ROMs on early motherboards were 9316A series and had some slight difference rendering them incompatible with the later more common 27 and 28 series ROMs.

This Adapter features a 28C64 EEPROM set to emulate a 2716 EPROM and will allow you to use this newer ROM in places where 9316B/2316B ROMs are used. It’s main feature is a built in Inverter which converts the Chip Select line and allows the ROM to be “switched out” when ROMs on the Language Card are used. The 28C64 EEPROM is also electrically erasable and is supported by the newest IC Programmers. The “upper” space in the 28C64 EEPROM is disabled and not able to be seen by the Apple II/+.
The ReActiveMicro design features a gold plated DIP Plug which connects to the II/+ motherboard. The ROM is seated in a Machined Pin Socket and is removable. Total Adapter height should allow proper clearance of cards in the Slots.

NOTE: This EEPROM comes programmed with the Apple II/+ ROM image of your choice. Please let us know which image you would like, or just “blank”. This Adapter is also more expensive than our SOIC Adapter which does the same thing, but the ROM isn’t removable or reprogramable.

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