RAMWorks IIII Kit v1.1

This is the RAMWorks IIII Kit v1.1. It's a user assemblable kit using through-hole parts, and comes with 4Megs of RAM. It takes about 1 hour to fully assemble, and is a good beginners soldering project. The project is also Open Source so you can edit and experiment with how the board is programmed and learn deeper about how CPLDs and your Apple II work. Great for beginners looking to learn more about electronics and custom logic.

The RAMWorks IIII Kit is based on AE's RAMWorks III card, however it uses more modern 4Meg x 4bit DRAMs premounted on our own SOJ to DIP Adapter. The card provides a IIe user with 4Meg of Auxiliary RAM.

The RAMWorks IIII Kit is also fully backwards compatible with the original RAMWorks III and software. As with the RAMWorks III, the RAMWorks IIII Kit also plugz in to your IIe's AUX RAM Slot.

Comes with all parts, and detailed instructions for assembly are available on our Wiki. You require / supply soldering tools, basic soldering knowledge and common sense as not to kill yourself and burn down your home, and some basic tools like Wire Snips.

Read more about the RAMWorks IIII Kit v1.1 on our Wiki.

Reviews, Install Guide, and Support are there also.


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